Making / Marking the photograph

Last weekend I did Art in Action. This was a truly magical event and I was very lucky to be a part of it, especially as it was the last time the festival took place.

I would have enjoyed to have gone there just as a visitor – there was so much to see. I fell in love with the embroidery I saw from China, the theatre of live glass blowing and the patience of the slow methodical woodwork practitioners.

Overall it was a place where it felt like people put in more than they took out. It was a good feeling.

This piece was something I showed there in the Textiles tent. It is pin-pricked work. It was lovely to meet people face to face and explain how I did things – and why. I had many meaningful exchanges. I am doing a workshop using some of my techniques at The Photographers’ Gallery, London, in August.

Inscription (Lace 1)

Making / Marking the photograph